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Highest ethical standards and business practices: Founded on the principles of integrity, fairness, genuine care and respect for people, and a never-ending commitment to excellence, we will do the right thing every time.
Value-added partner: We know our clients’ industries; we know our candidates’ capabilities; we know technology; and we know the employment market. Synthesizing all these elements allows us to customize our services to the exact needs of our clients and candidates and to offer retained agency level services on a contingency search basis.
Certified professionals: Our Client Services Managers and Recruiters are certified professionals who have been trained in employment law, changing regulations, best business practices, and the highest standards of ethics.
Major platform expertise on staff or on retainer: We have hands-on experience with Oracle/PeopleSoft/JD Edwards, SAP, Microsoft, Unix, Mainframe, and the major programming platforms.
Extensive network for candidate sourcing: We do not rely solely on job boards and online services for sourcing candidates. We leverage all channels to be sure we leave no stone unturned in our search for the best talent. We develop strong relationships which is evidenced by the fact that 50% of our placements are the direct result of referrals from satisfied clients and candidates.
Quality over quantity: We do not inundate our clients with resumes to see what sticks. Rather, our goal is to collaborate with our clients and present outstanding candidates that are a perfect match to their requirements and environment while providing unparalleled customer service.
Professional account and project management; single point of contact: Our Client Services Managers have a successful track record providing account and project management for some of the largest professional services organizations in the world. They are able to provide services unknown to a traditional recruiting agency and bring this background to every facet of the talent acquisition process.
Personalized services to augment or offload corporate HR processes: We offer a customizable “cafeteria-style” package of services, for either on- or off-site delivery, that encompass every phase of the hiring process.
Proven methodology: Our services leverage a proven search methodology which offers significant advantages over other methods of attracting and matching talented people.


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